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Webpage Design, CMS, Online Shop, Wordpress blog, SEO, Facebook Marketing, Instagram, Youtube, Wechat Public Account, Google Business, Google Adwords, Google Map, Ebay...


Now everyone can sell your product & services online.

Online Marketing

Market your product and sevices in the interent more cost effectively .

Web Support & Consultancy

We provide support , consultancy and trainings to your needs

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Our skills:

Graphic Design

Design unique & cool images for your web media

Website Design

Cool Design


Today by using various online platform to build your brand awareness with lower cost and more broader base.

Your Business is ALWAYS OPEN !

Selling your Product and Services 24 hours by 7 day a week , when you sleep or playtime.


Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay, Lazada, Lelong, Rakuten, 11street, Qoo10, Mudah...

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Organic Online Marketing

Easy tips for enable your webpage with SEO DNA!


What is SEO? (Search Engine Marketing)

  • 2007-2016

    SEO Compatible Website

    Is your website SEO compatible? Many old style cooperate website that still operating is not SEO friendly nor compatible , fesible to enable SEO, you might think it's doesn't affect you much since you had paid expansive money building this website in the first place, just leave it and not spending more... But think! unless you are not spending to do any sort of online marketing eg: Groupon, Facebook, offline(Newspapers, Magazine etc) campaign in the future. Some potential serious customer will google your biz and check you out, and they will first look for official website, and if your biz website is not shown in the search result list, here your biz might have lost the opportunity and sales lead!

  • Why

    Find out how you can make the best use of your existing online platforms

    If you already have website, facebook fan page, managed by your enthusiastic stuff or yourself and wonder how can make them do more wonders to your business, it's time to seek for professional team to come in to spice up things!

  • Shopping online is not just trendy but necessity

    2015 GST

    The cost of business has been increased fast. Consumer are more aware they should look for better deals to keep up the lifestyle, this means online shopping!

  • web services is expansive?


    You can start from a simple website and email equiry system with almost no cost! There is ways - talk to us!

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